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A selection of recent watercolors. To enquire, please contact us.

Obelisk Pavilion

The design for this luminous watercolor is an architectural fantasy crafted in sun-struck limestone.


French mat and antiqued, hand-made gilt frame.
Frame dimensions: 32 x 47 cm; 14½” x 21 “

Obelisk Pavilion
Obelisk Pavilion framed

Pavillon Monceau

This watercolor depicts the original Pavillon Monceau, built for the duc de Chartres, later the duc d’Orléans, on his estate of Monceau, today the Parc Monceau in Paris’ 17th arrondissement.


French mat and antiqued, hand-made gilded frame.
Frame dimensions: 55 x 63 cm; 21½” x 25″

Pavillon Monceau, Paris
Pavillon Monceau framed

Pagoda at Bad Mergentheim

The extensive landscape gardens at Bad Mergentheim (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) feature this Chinoiserie pavilion (“das Schellenhäusle”), erected in 1802 and recently restored.

French mat and antiqued, hand-made gilded frame.
Frame dimensions: 41 x 46 cm; 16″ x 18″

Pagoda at Bad Mergentheim
Mergentheim framed

Garden Pavilion at Bazeilles

This garden pavilion, one of a pair, stands in the gardens of the Château de Bazeilles, also known as the Château d’Orival, in the town of Bazeilles in the Ardennes region of northern France, a stone’s throw from the Belgian border. Built in 1750 for a wealthy draper from Sedan, the estate served as a summer residence and these pavilions marked the borders of a boulingrin, or grass terrace.

French mat and and hand-gilt, antiqued frame.
Frame dimensions: 33 x 40 cm; 15″ x 18″


Pagoda at Kerleven

The Château de Kerleven overlooks the Gulf of Morbihan (Brittany) and shelters this rare Chinoiserie pavilion in its landscape park. The watercolor depicts a proposed restoration scheme.


French mat and hand-made, antiqued gilded frame.
Frame dimensions: 42 x 44 cm; 16½” x 17½”

Kerlevan pagoda
Kerleven framed

The Honey Bear sculpture

This life-size bronze of a rearing brown bear was sculpted by the Brooklyn native and animalier, Frederick Roth, for the 1937 renovation of the Central Park Zoo, directed by Robert Moses. The sculpture is actually a fountain and the base is ringed by frogs spouting water jets.


French mat and ebonized, laquered wood frame.
Frame dimensions: 30 x 34 cm; 12″ x 13½”

The Honey Bear sculpture
The Honey Bear framed

Terracotta Garden Vase

A nineteenth-century English terrracotta vase with elegant foliate fluting.


French mat and standard gilt frame.
Frame dimensions: 35 x 36 cm; 15½” x 15¾ “

English 19th-Century Terracotta Vase
English Terracotta Vase framed