The Tea House: Special Offer

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Special Offer

We have a limited quantity of Tea House lanterns which were slightly damaged in shipment and which we are offering here at a reduced price.

Due to a shipping mishap,  the corners of the presentation envelopes of a set of lanterns were dented. The lanterns themselves have not been damaged. If you are considering these lanterns for your own use and not as a gift, then this offer may be of interest to you.

The Tea House table lantern depicts a finely detailed Chinoiserie pavilion, printed on heavy-weight stock with die-cut windows backed by translucent paper. Place a tea light within and the pavilion glows with festive cheer.

The table lantern folds flat into a handsome presentation envelope measuring 6¼ x 9 inches.

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .2 in