Pagoda at Condé-sur-L’Escault limited-edition print


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The Pagoda at Condé-sur-L’Escault is a late eighteenth-century French garden folly based on a design drawn by Sir William Chambers and published by the engraver Georges Le Rouge in the 1780s.

  • Our art prints are limited to forty copies, signed and numbered and suitable for framing or collecting.
  • The sheet measures 22 x 32 cm or 8.7 x 12.5 inches.
  • We use heavy weight, 300 gsm uncoated stock of the highest quality, chosen so that it closely resembles our own preferred watercolor paper.

The printing process employs the latest technology, with four-color printing using screens which are computer-generated to assure ultra-fine, interwoven color shapes, not dots on a grid, which are only discernible under magnification.

The ink contains a UV drier, and is fixed by UV light milliseconds after the sheet passes through the press, creating a glaze on the uncoated paper which ensures that color rendition is rich, dense, subtle and luminous. Normal printing on uncoated paper is dull and lifeless due to the ink being absorbed by the paper; this method is nothing of the sort.


Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × .5 in